That Would Be Unreasonable

Gungor is a band that has been nominated for a Grammy and is a Dove award-winner for its music. A Baptist church recently cancelled an appearance by the band because of some views expressed by Michael Gungor, founder and lead singer. He has said, “No reasonable person takes the entire Bible completely literally.” That raised some hackles.

Michael has made several contradictory statements that have generated more heat than light and embroiled him in the current controversy. He said he believes in the existence of God, that Jesus is the Son of God, and the Scriptures are inspired by God. But he continues by saying he does not believe “the first people on earth were a couple named Adam and Eve” or “there was a flood that covered all the highest mountains of the world.”

Michael claims that although the accounts in the book of Genesis are myths they are still useful for “teaching and edification.” He goes on to state, “From what I know of Christians, a lot of us don’t take these things literally.” Michael dazzles us with an example of his exegetical brilliance when he says, “The Bible says God is a rock. Do you take that literally?”

Well Michael, yes, I take it literally when the psalmist writes, “Who is a rock, except our God,” Psalm 18:31. Not that God is a rock, but just as a rock is stable, immovable and unchanging; God is reliable, steadfast, and immutable. I would think as a songwriter you would understand the concept of using a metaphor to convey literal truth.

He may think the account of Adam and Eve, and the Noah narrative are myths and doubt their historical authenticity, but Jesus didn’t. When questioned about divorce Jesus defends his position by referring to the pattern set by the first couple, Matthew 19:1-6, and declares His return will be “just like the days of Noah,” Matthew 24:37. Jesus did not base His example of marriage and the description of His future return on myths.

Michael has some questions about certain biblical accounts and believing there are no valid answers he doubts them as being true. I have some of the same questions, but I am unaware of any valid arguments that discredit the biblical record. Since past events such as creation, the flood, and miraculous accounts are beyond the scope of scientific observation to either prove or disprove, I accept them by faith.

Myth by definition is an imaginary story with no basis in reality. Michael would have us believe God inspired falsehoods, and these falsehoods taught by Jesus are useful. He says we are unreasonable because we do not swallow such absurdities.

I would have cancelled Michael also, not because his music is unbiblical, but because he might quit singing and start speaking, and that would be unreasonable.


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