Just Some Thoughts

The Christian worldview is under constant attack. These attacks span the spectrum from silly to hateful. The atheistic affirmation that God does not exist is silly because of the logical impossibility of proving a negative. The argument goes something like this, if something does not exist, the evidence of its non-existence is equally non-existent. I think this is why the Scriptures declare, “The fool has said in His heart, ‘There is no God,’” Psalm 14:1.

This is why many atheists move on to agnosticism. Agnostics claim they do not know if God exists because there is no evidence of His existence. It is a clever twist on atheism. The fly in that particular ointment is no knowledge of anything’s existence does not mean it does not exist. I am sure our universe contains worlds unknown to us and yet to be discovered, but though they are undiscovered they still exist. Just because God has not proven Himself to the agnostic, does not mean He has not proven Himself to others.

The truth is you will not find what you are not looking for. The Father has clearly said, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart,” Jeremiah 29:13. If one is not looking for God, he will not find Him. God does not reveal Himself to the convinced, but to the contrite. We cannot see the hand of God in His creation until we behold Him by faith. It is just the way God has set things up. We are told “without faith it is impossible to please Him,” Hebrews 11:6. He reveals Himself most clearly to those who please Him.

I embrace what God has revealed to us in Scripture as opposed to the reasoning of man because man is imperfect and his ability to reason is subsequently imperfect and flawed. I know that any argument raised against the truth revealed in the Scriptures is flawed because it is an argument against truth; all I need to do is search for the mistake.

Any truth whether those revealed to us in creation or the Scriptures is not dependent on the outcome of any debate. Truth is independent of anything we can think, say, or do. Mere arguments persuade very few people, but the Christian has something more than an argument, he has an experience. Since I gave my life to Christ at the age of eight, I have a relationship with the living God. I am now sixty-two and during those fifty-four years I have experienced the presence of God in my life.

God is not a figment of my imagination and my experiences of His presence in my life are not a host of hallucinations. Since I embraced Jesus Christ as my Savior by faith, God has not failed to reveal to me His presence throughout my walk with Him, and that is not something mere words can take away.


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