Kelvin Cochran

Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed fired Kelvin Cochran about two weeks ago as Atlanta’s Fire Chief. Cochran published a book he wrote titled, Who Told You That You Are Naked?. He passed several of the books out to his co-workers. The book said sins such as adultery, bestiality, and homosexuality are “sexual perversions” and “vulgar.” Mayor Reed said Cochran was not fired for his religious beliefs, but because he did not have permission to write the book and pass it out.

An investigation was conducted on Cochran and determined he had not discriminated against any of his subordinates based on his beliefs. Cochran disputes whether he had permission to write and distribute his book. He is currently speaking with his attorneys as to whether or not he will challenge his firing in court. It would seem his freedom of religion and speech were infringed upon. How free can speech be if you have to get permission to write a book?

If Cochran did not discriminate against anyone then this is just a concern over what he has written and said. This is what free speech is about what we say and write. No one has been harmed by what he wrote, they just do not like it. Some may have got their feelings hurt, but no one was fired or treated ill, except Kelvin Cochran.

In the latter part of Leviticus chapter 18 God calls adultery, bestiality, and homosexuality abominations. Christians believe any sexual act apart from a man and a woman in a marital covenant is a perversion of the sex act. We believe that because it is clearly stated in the Scriptures. We are not going to change what we think and what we believe just because we are called names and people are mean to us.

When the men of Sodom surrounded Lot’s house and demanded he bring them out the two men so they could have sex with them, Lot said, “Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly,” Genesis 19:7. The men of Sodom were enraged an replied, “Stand aside…This one came in as an alien, and already he is acting like a judge; now we will treat you worse than them,” Genesis 19:9.

What we see here and in Atlanta is not a call for tolerance or equality, something that is being denied to Kelvin Cochran. The LGBT community wants to be treated like their behavior is normal. They do not want to be called wicked or perverse. They may have gotten the right to marry, I do not think they will manage to gag the public, freedom of speech and freedom of religion have a long history in America.


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