Reading the Bible

The Bible is available in more formats and versions than ever in the history of mankind. I have Bible apps on my desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone. I call my iPhone my Bible on my belt. It has thirty-nine English versions of the Scriptures and sixteen of those are available in audio.

Yet, biblical literacy is at an all time high, or should I say low. I thought I would use this article to share my bible reading plan, and why I discipline myself to continue reading through my Bible.

Monday through Friday I read five chapters a day. Sometimes I only read four; the book of Ruth has four chapters and when I get to it that is all I read. Daniel has twelve chapters so I read the first six one day and the last six the next. This takes about ten to twenty minutes a day depending on the length of the chapters.

I start in Genesis and read through to Revelation, and then start over again with Genesis. It is a simple plan and will put me through the Bible in about eleven months, and then I start reading it again. I have read through the Scriptures more than fifty times. I do other Scripture readings when studying for preaching, teaching and writing.

Why do I read through the Bible again and again? That is a good question; there are several reasons.

Reading through the Bible serves as a constant reminder of God’s truths. We humans have a great capacity to forget allowing our imagination to supplant our memory.

It seems that I learn things or see things that I overlooked in previous readings. I see details I missed before.

Familiar passages become clearer as I mature in Christ giving me a greater spiritual insight each time I read, and unfamiliar verses become more familiar.

Wisdom is precious. I have benefitted from the wisdom of others over the course of my life. But the most satisfying wisdom, and the wisdom I retain the best, is the wisdom I glean personally in reading and studying the Scriptures. Nothing can replace the wisdom we receive directly from our Father when we read His Word.

Reading through the Bible lets the reader see the big picture of what God is saying. I do not believe one can fully understand any part of the Bible unless he has read all the Bible. It is like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. One cannot really see the big picture from a handful of pieces, but when they are all connected the puzzle becomes clear.

Paul enjoined young Timothy, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth,” 2 Timothy 2:15. God wants each of us to be “approved,” to understand His nature and know His will. We cannot be “approved” and ignore His Word.


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