Three principles guide my writing

Since my columns are for the most part a biblical commentary on current events I thought my readers would find it of some interest how I come to the viewpoints expressed in my writing. There are three principles I follow.

First, I believe the Bible is the Word of God, inspired and preserved by Him, to be a reliable guide in all we should believe and do. Ergo, I view human history and events through the lens of the Scriptures, as I understand them, that being the historical, grammatical, and plain meaning of the text. I believe God created us and there is no one who knows us better or is more capable of advising us on how we should live.

The Scriptures were penned in a specific historical context and for us to understand what God is saying now we must understand what he was saying then from the historical perspective.

God used human language to convey His revelation to us. All languages share grammatical similarities (this makes it possible to translate the Scriptures from one language to another) so that understanding the laws of grammar help us to understand God’s message to us.

Every word in the Scriptures supports the communication of literal truth that is plainly written for anyone to understand. There are mysteries in the Bible, the Trinity, the incarnation of Christ and the Atonement are just a few, but those things we are told about our relationship with God and how we should live are written in clear language that can only be misinterpreted by those who have no desire to do the will of God.

Like the Reformer Martin Luther my Weltanschauung (worldview) is “bound by the texts of the Bible, my conscience is captive to the Word of God.”

Second, I believe the eternal truths contained in the Scriptures are ever relevant and mankind is best served by the common sense, practical application of those truths. So I try to give a clear application of those truths to the events and things I write about.

Third, I believe all men are created in the image of God so every person needs to be treated fairly and with respect. But I also hold that image has been marred by original sin, the fall of our first parents, so I do not necessarily respect every thing people believe, say or do.

As an example, I respect another’s religious freedom to believe as they choose, but I do not respect the killing of another because they believe differently. This respect for others is why I address issues and not personalities, although personalities can sometimes become an issue.

I never intend to be mean-spirited, but biblical truth is both direct and directive, direct about what is wrong, and directive to do what is right. Blunt realities shock our delicate human psyche and we are easily offended, but biblical truth becomes more palatable when we realize God loves us and only wants what is best for us.


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