In His Image

About ten years ago the Ohio State School Board voted eleven to four to remove language in the state’s science standards that encourages students to “investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory.” One of the board members who voted to delete the language remarked, “it is deeply unfair to the children of this state to mislead them about science,” too late.

The heart and soul of science is to investigate and critically analyze everything in the physical realm including evolution. I cannot fathom how it is misleading to teach children to do this very thing. Anything less is not science it is shamanism.

If evolution is more fact than theory, if it is so unquestionably true, if its underlying premises are so faultless, why should we fear its examination? If all roads of life’s origin and continued existence lead to Evolution why stop children from reading the map?

Evolutionists claim the beginning of life was unplanned and therefore an accident. They say the fossil record shows periods of rapid evolution interrupted by long periods of no evolution making the process of evolution inexplicable, and man’s rise to the apex of the animal kingdom was mere happenstance.

The whole scientific community is not in possession of a single observable fact about the origin of life. But based on scientists’ best guess, that is what theories without proof are, man is the random product of a mindless process that began by accident. And in the same breath, with the same certitude, and lack of direct evidence, they say we descended from the apes.

Our modern method of scientific investigation was developed over several hundred years in countries whose societies held a Christian worldview. In fact, our modern method of scientific inquiry was predicated on the following syllogism: God created the heavens and the earth (id est, the universe); God is a reasonable Creator; therefore, the world and those things in it can be understood on the basis of reason.

This view of a created universe operating by divine order was the foundation for scientific study by such men as Galileo, Pascal, Newton, Faraday and others. Since Christian thought played a prominent role in the development of modern science, Christians have no quarrel with its discoveries. Differences between believers and scientists are over theories not facts.

Since the beginning of life will remain perpetually unobserved, we are left with only two possible theories. Either God created life, or life began on its own. The Scriptures declare, “God created man in His own image…” Genesis 1:27, and evolutionists theorize we descended from the apes.

As we see the civil unrest, loss of civility in public dialogue, and the brokenness in society, we are seeing the results of a generation of people who have been taught they are little more than animals, so they act like animals.

I think our nation would be better served if we all realized we have an image to live up to, not a lineage to live down.


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