The list is too short

Disney’s newest live action movie release of “Beauty and the Beast” is the subject of controversy. This classic tale of the importance of character over appearance has been altered by Disney to introduce a gay character to the story line.

It seems Gaston’s sidekick, LeFou, is interested in taking their friendship to the next level, or a step down depending on your perspective. Bob Condon, the movie’s director, admits it will contain a “gay moment.”

It is a shameless and unapologetic move on the part of Disney to insinuate the idea that homosexuality is normal under the guise of family entertainment to further support the LGBTQ’s agenda. So it is understandable that within Christian circles there is already a call to boycott the movie, understandable but myopic.

Some lukewarm voices have suggested going to watch the movie to encourage dialogue about the issue of homosexuality. Seriously, do we need to watch a movie to talk about an issue that is being promoted and introduced to every area of the public forum at every possible opportunity?

On the other hand I do not support the call for a boycott, because it is a sheer act of hypocrisy. There are many movie production companies making thousands of movies inundated with gratuitous heterosexual fornication and adultery, introducing audiences to sorcery and witchcraft, filled with senseless violence and gore, and the unbridled use of vulgarity and profanity.

But we are encouraged to boycott one movie, produced by one studio, because of the portrayal of one type of sexual sin. Are we to smugly assume by doing so we are taking a stand for righteousness? I wonder what has happened to the conscience of Christians in America.

I do not need anyone to tell me what I should or should not watch because I have enough of the Holy Spirit in me to know, like David, “I will set no worthless thing before my eyes,” Psalm 101:3. No one needs to tell me what to boycott because I do not intend to spend the money I worked so hard for on any movie that assaults my Christian sensibilities and mocks the biblical morality I hold sacred.

It is difficult to believe that I live in a nation where the evangelical vote was enough to sway the outcome of a Presidential campaign, but is not enough to stem the flow of filth from the entertainment industry. We fail to understand that any sexual act outside of one man with one woman within the covenant of marriage is a perversion of the sex act, and is an abomination in the eyes of God.

So I do not support a boycott of one movie, produced by one studio, containing one form of sexual sin. That list is too short for me.


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